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We are here to help if your life has been disturbed by pain or injury. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge, ability and the needed support for you to be able to return to your everyday active life.
We are proud of our long-term partnerships with the best clinics in the Nordics. Our insight and data analysis, on more than 4000 clinics, enables us to advise you on where to get the best help near you.
Nordic Netcare is partnering with a wide range of insurance companies. All our services are covered and we pay the treatment expenses directly to the network-clinic.
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Physiocoach is a mix of personal online physiotherapy, health councelling and coaching. With one of our experienced physiotherapists you design a personalized plan that helps you achieve the best outcome.
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With an additional education in dancing and a very long recovery after a concussion, Sidsel brings a different perspective to the team. She is never afraid to let other people benefit from her own experiences and she’s highly motivated by getting others through rough patches. Sidsel is always calm and collected, and she is the kind of person that will bend over backwards for her colleagues and go that extra mile for the people she guides and counsels.



When he is passionate about something, he goes all in, and it’s hard not to appreciate this kind of dedication. Emil is definitely passionate about health counselling and he lights up when he can guide others on their way to full recovery. He is always trying to find positive perspectives and constructive solutions, and this is one of many reasons why he is highly valued by his colleagues as well as the people he supports every day.



She is always full of energy, and she’s passionate about living an active life, indoors as well as outdoors. Lisa is also devoted to helping others find joy and satisfaction in an active lifestyle, and she is very often the one that arranges both lunchbreak running and morning gym with her colleagues. Her warm and vigorous personality is highly appreciated by everyone, both her colleagues and the people she guides every day.



As a former handball player, he acknowledges the importance of teamwork and he’s always focused on making his team thrive, which makes Alexander a very respected and appreciated colleague. He understands the importance of listening and reflecting, and the people he helps out every day very often describe him as both empathetic and patient.



Her smile and sense of humor is obvious both to her colleagues and the people she guides on the phone every day. “Mum fixes people’s knees”, says her daughter, but Jeanette does so much more than that as a PhysioCoach. Her sincere care for others and her in-depth guidance helps people implement healthy routines in their everyday lives.



He is truly attentive to others and their wellbeing, both to his colleagues and the people he guides every day. He’s a great listener and with his calm demeanor and genuine empathy, he makes people feel heard and understood. Mads is a highly appreciated colleague, always willing to lend a helping hand and share his expertise. With his infectious happiness and ever-present smile he consistently creates a positive atmosphere around him.



Due to her dancing experience, Iselin possesses a great understanding of how the body works and why some physical health issues can occur. With her background, she is passionate about explaining how adjustments and an active approach can give great results. You will meet a smiling and committed PhysioCoach when you talk to Iselin. She takes her time understanding your situation and helps you find measures suitable for you.



Our Patients Say
She was the nicest person ever. Was so worried about calling (again) because I was embarrassed by not having control over my situation yet, but she was so nice and understanding and helped me so quickly - without judgment - but with great insight and understanding of my situation.
Friendly and gave very competent advice on my specific situation and symptoms without any auto-based replies. Was open to more approaches and gave great advice on what treatment would be most efficient in my case. You feel in safe hands.
I highly appreciate the service and advice I received. Was guided to a better treatment course and received more sessions to avoid recurrence instead of awaiting the situation and risking being back at the starting point. I´ve never experienced this kind of service before - THANKS!
The caseworker I spoke with was so informative, polite, and professional. I felt welcome and received information on relevant health solutions and exercises that make sense. Such a positive experience 10/10.
Friendly caseworker who answered my questions and was proactive in finding the easiest treatment course. Explained the structure and context of the insurance case - like what to do going forward. Thank you so much.
I got a very talented and professional physiotherapist at the other end of the line. He listened and understood my situation and was so nice to talk to. I felt like being seen. Which means so much! Nice to have such a positive experience!  
So friendly and guiding on exercises that I can AND WILL do. Helped with the installation of the app that includes the exercises and a referral to chiropractic care. Such great service.
I talked with Alex. Super nice guy, really professional and answered all my questions. It’s the first time I use your services and I’m really impressed how helpful everyone has been and how easy the process is
Excellent service. Quick and efficient, but still thorough. Took time to ask about my problem, so we could plan the best treatment course. Such professional employees.
Emil was so pleasant to speak with. He had a great understanding of my situation and what the best course for me would be. Feel like being met with professional consultancy and a positive attitude. 
Hi and thank you so much for the friendly and highly qualified conversation earlier today. I have rated you 10, 10, and 10, and have nothing to point out. Thank you for the help and guidance.
Asked about symptoms, previous treatment, and what my doctor had said. He wanted to make sure that I was receiving the best treatment possible.
A super conversation. Received clear information and great help on finding a clinic. I was so satisfied, and the process was quick. Thank you for the perfect help.
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