Your physical health and security are our highest priorities. With evidence-based physiotherapy and an expert team of inhouse therapists, we guarantee personalized, digital care delivery of the right treatment—with the convenience and security of a state-of-the-art digital platform. This is where best clinical practices meet cutting edge technology.


Supported by a digital, GDPR compliant-IT platform, we coach you personally to ensure you receive the right care to return safely to your everyday life.
Prevent reinjuries
Get direct online access to your personal physiotherapist
Enjoy proven benefits
Maintain good, active habits
Receive responsive, effective support
Return to your optimal health
80 Experienced Healthcare Professionals
We are all healthcare professionals—each of us being either a licensed physiotherapist or chiropractor. Our passion is to pursue great treatment success every day, so our patients feel encouraged and physical activity is perceived as positive. In addition, our patients receive information and a treatment plan that is tailored to their diagnosis and specific needs, with physical therapy and activities directed by their therapist. Our targeted treatment combines best practices in physical therapy with state-of-the-art digital delivery, backed by evidence-based science.

With an additional education in dancing and a long way back after a concussion, physiotherapist Sidsel brings a different perspective to the team. Patients who suffer from the like, benefit from Sidsel’s own experience and get the intrinsic motivation needed that there will in fact be recovery. Getting patients further further despite all odds is what motivates Sidsel the most. Her friends and family, but also just a good vibe amongst colleagues and sunshine make her glad.



Emil is all about patient counselling. He lights up when he can guide patients along the way, finding out what treatment they really need and be their reliable support. In his free time, he definitely needs to be active, whether it be doing parkour or going on a hike.



Physical activity has always played a big part in Lisa’s life. She wants to help others find joy in physical activity – despite previous injuries or limitations. Lisa is very interested in health promotion and the implementation of digital tools in modern healthcare. She is a strong believer in guiding people to become more independent and self-managing. Her free time is all about being outdoors in various ways.



The best thing is to help people make progress – and that every day. As a former elite runner, Endre knows how important small progresses are for for solving our customers’ physical challenges. Apart from training a running group in his free time, he loves to spend time in nature.



We work with customers who are facing MSK-problems, and the type of guidance we help deliver have a huge impact on their overall treatment success. Maren enjoys making a real difference within this collaborative work environment. Her free time is filled with art and culture and visiting her family and friends.



Our Patients Say

I am utmost impressed by the equally high level of professionality and care. The combination of active listening and reflecting on my concerns and symptoms has been fantastic. I really feel taken care of in my physiotherapy. Thank you! 
By far the best healthcare service by phone and via an app I have ever experienced. Professional, comprehensible and with a very human interaction. Thank you so much! 
For the first time, I felt someone was actually listening to me and picked me up exactly where I needed support within physiotherapy. Thanks! 
I am just so relieved to have competent, understanding and friendly coaches when I need physiotherapeutical support fast. 

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    Through long-term partnerships with other healthcare professionals in Scandinavia and Germany, we can help you find the best local clinics, when necessary, to supplement your PhysioCoaching.
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    We coach and support more than 150,000 patients each year. Our targeted treatment combines best practices in physical therapy with state-of-the-art digital delivery, backed by evidence-based science. Our goal is to ensure you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible – without pain, without relapses.


    We are pleased to offer our patients additional access to the best clinics with a wide range of treatments. Through long-term partnerships with other healthcare professionals in Scandinavia and Germany, we can help you find the best local clinics, when necessary, to supplement your PhysioCoaching.

    We practice
    what we preach

    Nordic Netcare was founded in 2003 in Copenhagen as a private health service focusing on physiotherapy and exercise. Since then, we have developed into one of the leading health service providers in Northern Europe. We are driven by the passion to motivate people to take responsibility for their own health.

    Nordic Netcare IT platform “Touch”

    “Touch” is our GDPR compliant IT platform that forms the technical backbone for all business interactions. Source code and IP are owned by Nordic Netcare. The platform connects insurances, clinics, patients and Nordic Netcare (case handlers, finance). For each, a specifically determined access is set in place to ensure access management and compliance at all times.
    Touch serves as the case handling system for all NNC PhysioCoaches and stores all information on cases and patients. It is used to communicate directly with clinics, insurances, and patients yet also internally.
    All patients receive a personal invite for downloading the Nordic Netcare app. This includes clinic online booking, advisory, reimbursement, map with clinic network, exercise library, behavioural science knowledge, feedback on treatment journey, direct communication with PhysioCoach.
    All our insurance partners are granted direct access to the platform via API. This includes reporting, data collection, electronic invoicing (also manually possible), case sensitive handling, status reporting, treatment outcome (analytics), customer satisfaction.
    All partner clinics benefit from Touch’s electronic billing system. This includes direct access to setting up invoicing/billing, performance and benchmark reports, CSI reports, case information (coverage), reporting payment status, but also communication with Nordic Netcare, guidelines, information on newest science results and best practices.